Loving Yourself Flaws and All!!!

Loving yourself flaws and all isn’t always easy . Being Fat isn’t easy period. Everyone has an opinion about you. Your not healthy, you don’t exercise, you cant have style, you cant be sexy, you cant make your dreams come true. Until you finally realize that you can own your fatness and be healthy, you like to excerise, you will rip the runway any day, you will make men turn their head just walking down the street, and you start living your dreams. I can say for me this has been a long journey and I cant even say that I have got to where I want to be because I have plenty of growth in front of me but I can say that I have come further than I ever thought I could. I have learned to love myself more and more everyday. Its my goal to continue to inspire others to love what they have and work with what you have.

So I teamed up with my two Dolls @Cassieleedonahue and @thelawofcurves on this project where we have all gotten to a place of self acceptance and are owning our curves. We want to show all woman even though we all have flaws we are proud of them, we are tired of hiding our bodies because it makes others uncomfortable. When asked about how they feel about their curves this is what they said. 

I love my curves because they have been a part of me since as long as I can remember so I’ve embraced them instead of being ashamed of them and that’s what has given me my confidence. Your only given one body, it protects you and keeps you going so why hate it , if there’s something you don’t like change it but still love yourself in the process. I wouldn’t be me if I lost my curves. And in my personal opinion curves just make clothes look even better” – Cassie Lee Donahue 

One of the biggest reasons I love my curves is that they give me confidence. From the way I fill out my clothes to the way I walk, my curves never let me down. I think that when you have curves you feel like you can conquer the world with just the right dress! To me, i think my curves are limitless. I love the skin I am in because there is no one like me. Loving yourself is key. No matter what you’re doing in life, when you love yourself it shows. I think people always notice that”- Porsha Law

For me my curves puts me apart of a community that is growing and making a difference.  I never had this sense of community growing up and it was all I wished for.  Now I have friends for life you look like me and understand my daily livings as a plus size person.  I finally have people to look up too who look like me and I couldn’t be happier to flaunt my curves

This shoot was the most liberating experience and I hope you all see that no matter how different we are there are still similarities. We are representing three different bodies with a diverse background.  I hope you Dolls love yourself even on your worst day. Spread positivity,  love others,  don’t judge, be comfortable who you are. 

All jeans are from Fashion Nova.  Use code DanaXO for 15% off. 

PHOTOS BY @chefd_rell

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