Fashion Nova Babe!!!


Happy Monday Dolls,

I am so excited about this post. I have been such a huge fan of Fashion Nova for so long now and I am so excited they are now going to be offering a plus line. I have always seen their jeans on girls and love the way the jeans hug all the curves. So I was beyond excited to put these on. I also tend to stray away from jeans that have holes in the knees. The reason for this is my legs are very flabby and come out of the holes in an unflattering way. I have yet to find a pair of jeans I love with Knee Holes until now. Fashion Nova Curve is the newest spot for the trendiest plus size clothing . These jeans are your number one spot for high waisted awesomeness. I am wearing a size 2x in the Tough Luck Jeans . I did size up from my usual 16. Being a girl with the shape where my bottom is bigger than my top it is hard to find jeans that fit the waist so well. Fashion Nova Jeans material is so stretchy it is perfect for a curvy girl. I paired my jeans with a sexy crop top to complete my look.

So if you Dolls are looking for the next hot spot to grab the best high waisted jeans Fashion Nova Curve has you covered.


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