Transformation Tuesday Couples Edition

Hi Dolls,

   So I am doing this transformation tuesday post because I have been so motivated lately. I always talk about how there are always bad days and good days. Its hard to make healthy choices all the time and I know this first hand. I have told you Dolls before that weight loss surgery is just a tool and it is what you do with that tool is what makes you successful. For any new followers who are reading this I am the recipient of weight loss surgery. I had the Gastric Sleeve done and I have been able to lose over 280 pounds with the help of the surgery. This also meant completely changing what I eat and my daily physical activities. It was a decision that slept on for a while until I was at the point where I was scared to live because I was told that I would die at a young age. I did my research thoroughly to make sure I made the right choice for me. 

     What I am really talking about today is the fact that I have found someone who understands my struggles and addiction with food and has a similiar story himself. I am glad to say I have found the greatest love in someone at a time where I was not looking. If what they say about soulmates is true then I am lucky to have found mine. We both grew up as the fat kid in the family. We were both ridiculed our whole lives. We were always the big kid in class. We both knew hurt at a very young age and we were both made to grow up faster then we were supposed to because we “looked” older than most our age. Its amazing when you can share stories with someone who just gets you when it comes to food and addiction. 

   It has not been an easy road for the both of us. We both used food as an escape from our reality.All we were doing was adding to our problems essentially. Here is the difference beteween us I had weightloss surgery and he did not. He did it the good old fashion way. He changed his lifestyle . He got rid of the bad stuff and started to portion control what he was eating. Mind you he is a Chef, food is around him all the time. He started working out and he lost over 90 pounds. So it is possible to lose weight with hard work and dedication. 

    Initially we did not know about each others weightloss journeys but learned quickly. We both have the same concerns about loose skin and other things that come along with weight loss. The best part of finding each other is having someone who gets you completely and understands what you are feeling. I never feel judged around him for all of my imperfections that came from the weightloss. I finally have someone who will hold me accountable for what I put in my mouth as I do for him. We are not perfect he has a pretty dang big sweet tooth but has learned to balance it out. I like to skip meals which is one of the worst things to do and he makes sure I eat and makes sure I make the right choice of what I am eating. We love salads we eat them about 3 to 4 nights out of the week. 

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Through the weightloss we have finally been able to do physical things that we never really knew we liked. Nature has become our friend and we are definetly taking advantage of it. We recently visited a place that required alot of walking and hiking and we sat and talked about how this wouldn’t have been possible a couple years ago for us. Its amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. We both want to continue with our fitness goals and we dont plan on stopping. Dolls it doesnt have to be a significant other to motivate you, it can be a friend, neighbor, family member, or whoever just do it. I always tell people make sure you do it for yourself and not for someone else. You will only be successful if its what YOU WANT. I hope me sharing a little bit more of me has helped. 

I love you Dolls and Thank you for your continued support xoxo


5 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday Couples Edition

  1. You are such a great inspiration to anyone who has body issues. I love how you live life regardless of the haters. You have really come a long way, and I’m sure it hasn’t been easy, but you have persevered and triumphed. You have great inner strength and a strong spirit. You have known great pain, but you still are a kind person – You will make it to the top because you have star qualities๐ŸŒŸ Congratulations and keep shining! I love your posts! Love your spirit!


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