Concrete Jungle

Hi Dolls,

So you know how I always love to push my personal style . The reason why I love fashion is because it allows me to be someone different everyday if I wanted to. Personal style is just that PERSONAL. I always tell my Dolls no matter what you need to make sure you are comfortable in what you wear, if not it will show. I also take inspiration from literally everywhere. Between Media, magazines, street style I draw inspo from all of them. So this past Sunday we had an amazing day in New York with temps in the 60’s. What better way to celebrate the warm weather other than stepping out in the most bad ass outfit in my Concrete Jungle. I am so lucky to live in a city where you can seriously express who you are and be comfortable knowing that everyone around is doing exactly the same thing you are doing.


This look was bought as separates and once I had them all I was like “oh wait this could be really banging together. My bomber is from H&M and it is the Nylon Jacket  from the men’s section. I love using Men’s pieces to put my looks together. I have been looking for a bomber forever and just so happened to find the last one in my local H&M. I am wearing a size large.

My skirt is from Forever21 unfortunately its sold out in this color know but  The pencil skirt is still available in other colors.





My bodysuit is also from Forever21. Last one at the store and it was a size large.

Remember Dolls live by your rules of fashion . Dont let anyone dictate what you can wear. Love you Dolls


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