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 Hi Dolls

I must say I so over this cold weather . I just keep dreaming about those warm summer days. Being able to express myself through clothing is so much easier when I don’t have to layer huge jackets on top . So for those who do not know Forever21 has a plus size division . Forever21 is always a top pick on my list of places to shop because it is super affordable and always on trend.

I want to talk about the fit with Forever21 plus collection. I am typically a size xl on top but as most of us know different companies cut things differently . Shopping at Forever21 for years I have got to know what pieces I need to size up or down in. When you learn the fabrics it makes it easier to shop online. Don’t be afraid to online shop! When online shopping I would suggest always read the materials as well as the reviews. Doing this will help you get a better sense of what size to pick.

Since I am California Dreaming with this New York State of mind I Threw together this beachy feel look. Its super casual but I still felt sexy.



Lets talk about this Plus Size Maxi Dolman Cardigan it is the perfect addition to any look. I am wearing it in a 1x. This will work with any jeans or leggings you have. It is super light weight and just very easy breezey. I paired it along with the Plus Size Pencil Skirt in Olive . I am uber obsessed with neutral colors right now and I just feel that getting a color that may not be as bold will be able to last in your closet longer. Best part of this skirt its only $11.90 and I am wearing it in the 1x.



My Absolutely Favorite part of this outfit is my Plus Size Trending Graphic Tee because COME ON who doesn’t want to be trending? I am wearing the XL in this top. This top has a crop top cut to it without it being a short crop top. It hits right at the waist which allows it to be paired with any pant or skirt. To finish my look I paired it with these Faux Leather Sandals . These Sandals are so on trend for this summer. What is great about these is they have a great platform so it makes it much easier to walk in because they are very high. The sole on these and the heel is very thick so they are totally doable.





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