Gray on Gray Styling

Hi Dolls,

So I like to think of myself as the crop top queen. I love a great crop top especially one that just makes me feel sexy. Its hard to find great crop top sets that hit my body in the right way without creating a muffin top . So I was so excited to see this set from Ashley Stewart . I was even more excited when I put it on.





The way  The Solid Knot Front Crop Top crosses in the front gives this look and extra sexy touch with just enough belly and cleavage. This is the kind of crop top that I know I will be able to pair with a pair of jeans or high waisted legging. The Solid Double Split Skirt is the perfect midi length along with two slits that is giving just enough leg showing.  The large band on top of the skirt helps to hold tight to the waist. I have a smaller waist so this is always a concern of mine. This skirt is also a perfect skirt to pair with a great turtleneck or button down.





You Dolls know I am all about buying items for your wardrobe that you can mix and match with other key items in your closet. This set is perfect for that and of course together you will look sensational. I hope I was able to give you dolls some fashion inspo from Ashley Stewart. 

Stay tuned for my new years look from Ashley Stewart.




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