Get Those Buns Right

Hi Dolls,

So lately I have really been trying to add to my workouts. I am attempting to try and run more, key word trying. Sometimes I am successful at it, and sometimes not. I am trying out on short sprints just to try and build up some stamina to running. I am horrible at it but I will just keep trying . I have always enjoyed jumping rope so that is something I try to incorporate in my workouts on a consistent basis. So something that I think is extremely important while working out is a great workout pants. I have tried many pants out, my thing that I love to feel is my stomach being held in as well as a pant that has a great stretch. I also look for a pant that absorbs the sweat well and of course something that also makes me look cute . Who really wants to workout and look frumpy? One of my biggest things when I used to work out in a gym was seeing all smaller woman working out and looking Hot and Stylish and I don’t care what anyone says working out in a gym with smaller woman surrounding can be intimidating and discouraging. I figured out that this was a huge reason for me not tending to want to go to the gym as much. My first change was to get rid of the gym and start working out in the outdoors so that way I wasn’t looking at fit woman around me and comparing myself to them. You will never get anywhere if you constantly compare yourself with someone else. Next on my list was to find some workout clothes that made me feel good.When I work out I feel comfortable in long yoga pants but my experience with yoga pants are usually that they are too thin or they don’t rise high enough. I usually can get away with some yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret. The problem with these are most likely your getting a peepshow all booty out for all to see. So my search continues, I came across this company that a couple of my plus sized dolls were wearing called So I decided to take a look at the site. Stylish workout clothes with what looked like everything I look for in a good yoga pant.  Well I received my pants from them and couldn’t wait to try them on. They did not disappoint, finally a pair of yoga pants that was doing there job of comfort and style. The real test was going to be how did they hold up on my workout. I am completely obsessed with these yoga pants the band on these pants are so thick that  everything stays in but they also contain that stretch to bend and not have to keep tugging at them to keep them up on my booty. Sometimes you just need to invest in great quality pieces for great results. I also grabbed a tank top that is that perfect length that goes right over the booty.
Top is an 1x

Pants are a 14/16








Being a woman in a world where you are constantly being told how you should look on a daily basis and having to incorporate being a Boss of a company, Or a student in college , a stay at home Mom, or just a woman trying to figure out what is your next move? You owe it to yourself to know you are worth it and you deserve to take time out to care about yourself and treat yourself to things that are going to make you feel good about yourself. My quest to continue on improving my health is still my daily struggle and that will never change. The thing that has changed is me knowing that its ok to put myself first sometimes and know I am worth taking time to improve myself and I hope you dolls can realize that as well.


2 thoughts on “Get Those Buns Right

  1. Hi,
    I am a Danish marketing student, and for my Master’s thesis I am writing about the American plus size women fashion as this market is growing. I would very much appreciate if you could help me with some insider info. For example, in your opinion, do most plus size women buy online or in stores? If in stores, which stores do they visit? Can you recommend any websites to watch/follow? And do you know which partners, agents or distributors the plus sized brands use? In short, what I am interest in is both info. about the target group and their consumer behaviour but also info. about how the industry is organized “before the items get to the store”.
    Hope you will have the time answer my questions. Thank you very much in advance. I look forward to learn more about the plus size industry in the US 🙂
    Best regards,
    Cecilie Cramer Jensen


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