Ode to Madonna featuring PINKCLUBWEAR

Hi Dolls ,

So I am a total 80’s baby and a huge Madonna fan. I have several times in my life made my costumes for Halloween to be Madonna. Of course these always had to be hand made because I could never find anything to fit my body. I have seen a couple of dolls wearing these really fun party dresses and they were all sharing that they came from www.Pinkclubwear.com . So of course I had to run and see what they had going on. They have such a range of gowns, and jumpsuits, and rompers , and tops but when I came across this dress I just knew I had to have it. My fear from ordering from online companies is always is it going to fit. I always recommend reading their sizing chart and ladies it is always good to know your measurements even if your slightly off , you should have some kind of idea. So as I was scrolling through a bunch of beautiful pieces this one just caught my eye. I was thinking there is no way I can pull this off especially because I am very self conscience about my legs and I could see it was on the shorter side. Then I decided how dare I let that bother me, I said I am going to get this dress and rock the heck out of it. It was such a modern day looking 80’s Madonna dress I knew it had to be mine. When I  was a little girl my sister, my cousin, and I used to dress up and we used to put on the Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour and of course I was Madonna and we would sing and dance. Now I could be my very own modern day Madonna in this dress.
Dress size2x
Shoes from nine west



When I received  my dress it was packaged perfectly and the sizing was spot on. I went a size up because of the fact that I have a larger booty and I didn’t want it to be too short back there . The fit was great as well as the quality. I wish I had discovered this company during my birthday. They are definitely the place for a perfect party dress. I felt like a little princess in the dress. The prices are reasonable as well .I hope you Dolls can see how beautiful this dress made me feel. YAYYYYY MADONNA (haha).





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