Words Do Hurt Especially To This Girl! (Brand Sensitivity)

Hi Dolls,

So today I was at the pool with my mommy friend and we are just there enjoying our day watching our kids and having girl talk. My Girlfriend is 46 and I am 30 (age is just a number to me ) and we were there talking beauty products and looking through magazines and I just want to add she is a smaller woman. As we are looking through a Kohls beauty magazine we came across this product by Bliss  which I called “Fatgirl Six pack” and the description reads : Helps sculpt abs for a flaunt-worthy core and bikini worthy body. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing and reading. I then pointed it out to my friend and she was shocked. We both couldn’t believe that this was actually the name of the product and here was the questions that arose from viewing this. So is this suppose to magically give a Fat Girl abs?? Or is this product suppose to give you Fat Girl Abs?? Listen I have been bigger than the “Norm” my whole life. My skin has been made over time thick because I have been called every name in the book and I have gotten every dirty stare that can be possible but what about the girl who recently gained weight going through puberty? What about the woman who just gained a lot of weight from her first pregnancy and doesn’t know how to deal with the transformation? What about the little 9 year old who is super active,loves fruits, and salads but is still chubby (my daughter) ? What message is this sending to them ? How much harm can one word do ? Let me tell you it can do a lot. I sat there and couldn’t help think about the girl who was the biggest girl in high school, the girl who always got told she had such a pretty face, the girl who at times thought about running away, the girl who sometimes wished she was never born, and the girl who just sat and ate the whole bag of chips because she was already “FAT” so what did it even matter? I thought about me and the girl I was and the girl who will never leave me and I thought about me at 16 years old walking into a department store and seeing this product and the name and thinking I wonder how I would have felt at that age.


So I went on Kohls instagram to see if they advertised this product on there also and it was. So I started reading comments and of course there were woman saying this is wrong to call a product this , and there were some saying well if it was called skinny I bet there wouldn’t be a problem. Let me tell you why it wouldn’t be a problem: it is because SKINNY does not have a negative connotation that goes along with it. If your skinny your healthy and beautiful and if your Fat your considered unhealthy, sloppy, and you don’t care about yourself so yes there is a difference. I feel that companies really need to think harder into what they are putting out there to the public because there might be that one girl out there who sees a product like this , and this girl may be already close to the edge and seeing this can push her over. I am hoping that woman start to think twice about supporting companies that aren’t sensitive to weight, race, gender, and religion. Enough is Enough we live in a world where we know what is acceptable and what is not, it is what we do with this knowledge that is important.

I love you Dolls till next time ……





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