Still on that road to healthy….

Hi Dolls ,

So I felt that a couple months ago I hit a little bit of a road block on my weight loss and I was feeling so defeated . I was doing so much between work, school, being a mom to twins and still trying to have a social life that I was for sure not giving myself time to work out as much . (Like I told before I did have weight loss surgery but its just a tool not a solution at all its what you do with that tool that matters I still struggle everyday )I realized that just walking for an hour , or jumping rope and blasting music to keep me motivated is what I needed. The last couple of months I have been working out more than I have my whole life. What’s crazy is that I don’t let it consume my time and I’m still seeing results. I am not a person who loves to workout and that’s just reality . I don’t know if I will ever be that gym junkie but I do know that I want to live a long life for me and my babies. So even if I have to force myself to just walk for a bit or climb the stairs in my apartment building over and over for 30 min I’m going to do it. I can’t tell you the difference on my body with climbing stairs and being able to keep up with my kids even more. Dolls I promise I’m no different than all of you . If I can do it you can to . I hope you dolls maybe find some inspiration and take on walking 30 min a day ….I can tell its the hardest habit to form but I can promise you will start to feel a difference . Its not about losing the weight its about feeling good and not sluggish, its about feeling like you can keep up with the rest of the world , and most importantly it’s about you knowing that your worth putting some time aside to find a better you…. Love you dolls

I woke up this morning with no intentions on writing this post but my motivation to keep going made me feel like it was necessary to let you guys know that I am exactly like you and I believe in all of you and I know we can all build a better us a little at a time. 💋💋💋






3 thoughts on “Still on that road to healthy….

    1. I knew it was time when I had enough . I started by cutting out 1at a time all thev hind I knew was bad for me . First was Soda for me then rice, bread, pasta … That’s where I started.😘


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