M.A.C. New Matte Lippies 💋

Hi Dolls,

       So it’s no secret that I love Makeup but I have never done a review on any…. But there is always a first for everything. I love me a matte lipstick , I love the long lasting wear you get from them. I am also a person who suffers from allergies so I am constantly touching my face and usually with a matte lipstick I’m ensuring that my lips will be good for a long period of time. So M.A.C. came out with some new matte shades so I had to run out and grab some colors especially ones that were already sold out online.


This color is Stone and I’m obsessed with it… Its going to be a definite go to fall color.


I have never had an orange lipstick so I grabbed Dangerous and I’m loving it. Its going to be a great addition to my summer colors.


Well hello Matte Royal I definitely never saw myself wearing this kind of color but once I tried it I knew it was a must have ….. I was told its sold out online already and ladies were buying this color out…. Its a cool color for fun times…..



Anyways Dolls I hope you enjoyed this little review …. I hope I can bring you guys some more make up reviews in time 💋💋💋 go grab some new lippies 😜


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