Affordable alternative to Monif C. Swimsuit

Hi Dolls so I am completely obsessed with Monif C. Plus size line period. Her style is so innovative and flattering for curvy woman. She gives us what we want as far as style and up-to-date looks. I wish I could order from her all the time . Unfortunately I’m a mom on a budget. I can’t always get the clothing I want because I simply can’t afford it. I can’t justify spending 150$ on a dress when I know I can do a little more research and find something similar and affordable. Once again I’m not saying don’t shop at Monif C to me this a go to boutique for special occasions. I went to the Monif C. New York location for my birthday outfit last year which I got a great jumper on sale actually. The staff was great and they really treat you like VIP. Well yesterday Monif C released this absolutely dreamy swimsuit line . I coin myself as the plus size barbie so this bubble gum pink bathing suit was made for me but I really couldn’t afford it. I drooled all night over these pictures knowing how bad I was longing for this 50’s inspired Gidget looking swimsuits.





You can find these gorge swimsuits at http://

So today I decided to do a little searching for anything similar at a fraction of the cost……… Wait for it I totally found a similar style at an affordable price.

Good old Forever 21 put up this suit. I can guarantee this will sell out due to the fact it looks just like the Monif C. Collection. Since I already ordered a forever 21 suit earlier this spring I knew exactly what size to get. I was so excited to see this. This has a similar vibe to the Monif C. Suit but affordable for the moms, students, or the girls out there who want to look good on a budget.






I already ordered mine plus right now on the site free shipping… Both pieces all together with tax it was $35.00 .

So Dolls which ever swim suit you choose make sure you rock it with confidence. I know I will.
Till next time dolls  💋💋


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