90’s Grunge

Hi Dolls 💋So people who know me know I’m a total girly girl. I typically tend to wear my clothes more fitted. A reason for this is I feel that if I’m wearing things too loose I look bigger than what I am. I usually like to do one article of clothing loose and the other tight meaning if my top is loose my bottom is fitted or vice versa . I would much rather showcase my curves than hide them but sometimes I just want to throw on a pair of jeans and tee and keep it moving . Well dolls I finally found the perfect White tee and Boyfriend Jeans that works for me. I totes felt like I was channeling (for all my 90’s teens Dylan Mckay from 90210). I love when I see a woman in jeans and tee and they look so beautiful and effortless. I never feel like I can pull this off. Well I was pretty pleased at the look I achieved. What I did to make myself feel more girly was OVER ACCESSORIZE. I am ok with over accessorizing if your working with a clean canvas to build on.







Jacket : Forever 21 two seasons ago
White Tee: H&M $9.95 size medium
Boyfriend Jeans : Torrid $59.50 size 16
Booties: Forever 21 two seasons ago
Bracelet : @hrhcollection $39.00
Ear Cuff: H&M $4.95
Necklace : H&M three seasons ago


Till next time Dolls 💋💋


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